Initial Hiring Trends 2016


As part of an STEM enterprise executive search team, I have the unique position of participating, hearing, leading, learning, sharing, and being exposed to literally hundreds of interviews a year.

My clients will conduct 300 interviews with various candidates we present, and our firm will average over 5,000 internal interviews conducted per year! This is a lot of interviews to be “enlightened” with in the course of the year. So with all that data, what trends do we see clients implementing to vet the best talent in a growing and more competitive career market in 2016?

1.Cultural Ambassadors- A cultural ambassador is someone that is less concerned with the candidate’s professional qualifications, but wants to learn about his or her personally. We have cultural ambassadors in place for every role we hire within Precision Metrics because we want to make sure the right people are coming through our doors. If you are being interviewed take this as a compliment the company cares enough to have the right fit for you if hired. If you’re an employer, add that one additional person to your process to potentially eliminate those personality “surprises”after the candidate starts.

2.Presentations and Simulations -As one of the final steps in the interview process,many companies are turning to presentations or simulations to really see the candidates’ skills. These offer insights into the role, the client’s product, and the company gets to learn more about the potential employee’s thought process. Easy to implement, presentations have been more revealing than most other interview techniques. Plus companies can achieve perspectives on how others perceive their product or market message.

3.The Interview as a non-unilateral event- it means providing the candidates respect and an honest dialogue throughout the recruitment lifecycle, especially when it comes to the interview. Why do all the work to build your brand, great talent networks, and engagement through social media, only to cause the candidate concern by providing a hazy, lazy,or counter-intuitive interview process in your company? Are you trying to show dominance and control, or can you provide the beginnings of a mutually respected workplace?

Our client’s are becoming more creative to vet the best possible candidates. Candidates don’t want to be in a confusing hiring process. In 2016 we will see more blending of a process that becomes efficient and more enlightening to both company and prospective employee.